Frequenty Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

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Can I send a Clude to someone without an iPhone?

Yes! While the full feature app is only available on iOS, you can send a Clude to anyone with a smart phone.  The only thing the recipient needs is web access.  They won't be able to save their responses but they can send you back a response or hit No Thanks.  Their interface will look almost identical to that of the full iPhone app.

Is there an Android, Windows, or Blackberry version of Clude?

Unfortunately, not yet.  But you can receive and respond to Cludes even if you don't have an iPhone.  

Where did the name Clude come from?

After the idea was hatched we white boarded exactly what we were trying to convey and after going through names such as Get Me Something and UWNTIN someone was playing with the word inClude and blurted out "just clude me!"  And the name was born. 

When was Clude Founded?

The first version of Clude went live in the Apple app store in March 2013.

What happens when I push End Early?

The End Early button is a way for a user to accelerate the ending time. The End Early feature will set the ending time of your Clude to 2 minutes from when you confirm it and let people know.

What platforms and API's does Clude use?

Clude is a native iOS application that uses on Media Temple (Servers), Twillio (Text Messaging) and Yelp (Locations)

What if I did not initially allow Clude access to my contact but now I want to?

No problem, just simply go into your iPhone settings and under privacy then go to contacts and toggle the one for Clude to on. (iOS 5 or later)

I installed Clude but am still getting text notifications

Something may have gone wrong with the phone number verification process.  Check your Profile under Settings to ensure you have the correct phone number there.  If so, change the number to 0 and save changes.  Then change it back to your accurate phone number and save changes.  That should trigger our servers to resend you a verification text.  If the issue still persists please reach out to us on our contact page.

What happens when I remove the Clude application?

All of your data is stored but you will no longer receive notifications (this includes text notifications)  If you want to delete the app but continue to receive notifications you have two options.  1) Reinstall the Clude App or 2) Contact Us and we can remove you from our database which will allow you to again receive text based notifications.

Can i include a link in my Clude?

Unfortunately, not yet.  We have added this to our product roadmap with a goal of introducing it in our next release.  Until then our suggestion is to avoid using links or keep them very simple so someone can type it into their browser quickly.