Clude About Page

About Clude

 The Clude App makes inCluding people simple, easy and efficient using time based messaging.

Clude Works On Every Phone

You can send a Clude to anyone with a smartphone even if they don't have Clude installed. They receive a simple text message where they can view the details and respond without having to install anything. (Unfortunately, you can only start a Clude from an iPhone)


Easily Send A Clude

 You already know how to use it!  Effortlessly create a Clude by choosing the location, who you want to inClude and setting how long they have to respond.  Use the default message or create your own, then tap Send Clude. It's that simple.

Set An End Time

Timing is everything   With Clude you set the amount of time people have to respond.  Maybe you will be at Starbucks in 10 minutes or buying those movie tickets in 4 hours.  Letting others know they only have a limited time to respond is the best way to ensure your message isn't lost in the clutter.

Beautiful Response Dashboard

Tired of tapping into and out of text messages, looking through emails or managing phone calls? Clude takes all your responses and lays them out in one, simple and efficient dashboard.  You can even confirm you Got It!

Clude Inc., founded in 2013, is a Los Angeles based company.